Lazy Cup Cleaner
Lazy Cup Cleaner
Lazy Cup Cleaner
Lazy Cup Cleaner
Lazy Cup Cleaner
Lazy Cup Cleaner
Lazy Cup Cleaner
Lazy Cup Cleaner

Lazy Cup Cleaner

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Clean every glass and mug in seconds, without the dishwasher

Is there anything more frustrating than a sink full of dirty glasses?

Washing the dishes takes so much of our time, and this is especially true if we are trying to remove stubborn smudges and greasy fingerprints from our glasses and mugs.



With this  360 degrees brush, you'll spend no more than 5 seconds per glass cleaning. Its clever design allows you to clean your glasses and mugs inside and outside at the same time, fast.

This is also an ideal way to clean cups, mugs, and glasses with maximum safety



  • SUCTION CUP INSTALLATION - The brush can be installed anywhere on the side of your sink. Secure the suction cups to the inside of your sink, slip your glasses over the brush and watch the mess disappearing!

  • POWERFUL HOLD - Suction cups provide very firm hold in order for the brush to stay put.
  • STRONG BRUSHES - Remove stains, smudges, and fingerprints easily.
  • REMOVABLE - Quickly remove the brush if it gets in your way or when it's ready for cleaning!
  • ECO-FRIENDLY SOLUTION - minimize energy and reduce water consumption from dishwasher machine

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