RocketLamp™️ - Apollo Space Saturn V
RocketLamp™️ - Apollo Space Saturn V
RocketLamp™️ - Apollo Space Saturn V

RocketLamp™️ - Apollo Space Saturn V

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Turn Your Home Into a NASA Paradise!

Always wanted to be an astronaut? Fascinated by the intricacies and mysteries of outer-space? Here's the good news - You don't have to travel to the local planetarium or get a rocket-science degree to venture out to infinity and beyond. 

Why our customers love the Rocket Lamp

🚀 With the Mesmerizing Apollo Rocket Lamp, you can add a little bit of magic to any room instantly.

🚀 It's so pretty you can display it anywhere to spark your imagination or your creativity!  The rocket moon lamp adapts to the bedroom, office, bar, restaurant, and any other comfortable environment.

🚀 A fantastic innovative gift for your loved ones!

🚀 It is kid and pet-friendly (little to no heat means no concerns for curious kids)


✅ Touch to change color and adjust the brightness 

✅ Charge with standard 5V DC USB output

✅ Based on safe PLA material, energy-saving and environmental protection.


  • Measures over¬†39 inch (100 cm) high¬†and¬†6 inch (17 cm) in diameter.

What is in the package?

  • 1√óApollo Space Saturn V Rocket Lamp (Incl Smoke/Light)
  • 1√óUSB Charging Cable
  • Please charge the Rocket Lamp through the PC USB port (DC5V, 0.5A) for longer service life and keep the adapter fully charged before using the product for the first time.

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Reason one

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Reason two

What makes you loyal to a brand? The quality of course! We spend the extra dollar to ensure you receive nothing but luscious, soft material so you can be in fashion, while being comfortable.